I work with women who feel stuck in a cycle of dieting without results.
I show them the way out so they can eat the food they love and love the body they have. 

The Art of Blooming method is to experiment with intuitive eating and discover more about yourself and what serves your body and mind.

Working with me, you will finally make peace with the food

on your table and develop the intuition needed to guide you to optimal health and wellness.

Meet Sage

Born and raised in the northern city of Vietnam, Hanoi, my passion for Vietnamese food is a definite. When I was four years old, my mom opened a street food stand selling snail noodles (a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup). In my childhood memories about that period, I enjoyed so much to help my mom to cook and clean. Perhaps this initial encounter embedded in me the passion for cooking and food. 

I bet most people share the story where food is our initial connection to the world. Food represents the gateway to love, belonging, and a sense of self. It is no coincidence that food plays such a vital role in overall our well being.


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I look forward to being a part of your growth journey!

Monthly topics we discuss:

Death - The Teacher of Life

My father has lung cancer, stage four, and I cannot get back home. I am from Vietnam, a small socialist country that has managed to keep its death toll at zero during this Pandemic. They shut down the border, making it impossible for me to enter the country, especially given that I am living in the world's epicenter, the United States ...

Losing weight and gain energy simply by RELAXING

Let's try a small experimental exercise. Hold your breath for as long as you can. Start now!

How are you feeling? Light headed? Uncomfortable pressure on your chest? What else? Tell me your symptoms. I bet you won't feel well.


Air is number one on the list of survival conditions for us humans, but yet we are often forgetting to consciously take a breath. Why is that? Why don’t we consciously breathe and what would this habit do to your weight or even your health?

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