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About Sage

My name is Sage, and I am a Success Coach. I work with men and women who feel stuck because there is no motivation to get what they want in life. I help them ignite inspiration to get into action and achieve their desired goals. 


For a person to be a success in life, one of the most important things is the will to be better. This serves as fuel for us at difficult times. But fuel means nothing without a reliable machine, an efficient system to carry it!


I am committed to open up your world to possibilities and optimisms. I am here to show you your power and how to access what is rightfully yours. 


Everything starts with your body. If your mind and soul are your power, your body is the tool to proclaim it! 


I solely believe that your success journey starts with enhancing your body and mind connection. Mind and body work together to get you where you want to go. My Success method is to experiment with intuitive eating and discover more about yourself and what serves your body and mind.


Feeling well is the first step. You cannot think straight when you are not well, and therefore you won't make the best choices. So, how can you feel better? The key to serving our body well is food!

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My love for food

Born and raised in the northern city of Vietnam, Hanoi, my passion for Vietnamese food is a definite. When I was four years old, my mom opened a street food stand selling snail noodles (a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup). In my childhood memories about that period, I enjoyed so much to help my mom to cook and clean. Perhaps this initial encounter embedded in me the passion for cooking and food. 

I bet most people share the story where food is our initial connection to the world. Food represents the gateway to love, belonging, and a sense of self. It is not coincidence that food plays such a vital role to overall our well being.

Relationship of body and food

Our love for food is pure, but misconceptions about food and body shaming are the main factors in the war with ourselves. We became dogmatic when thinking about our body and how it has to look. Our society came up with several standards and requirements to be loved. Either you are too thick or too thin, you eat too much or have not eaten enough. These misguided mentalities drag our health and wellbeing down to a severe level of insecurity and self-loathing. This problem results in losing control of our lives. 

In summer 2017, I learned the hard way. I have been in a relationship with my now-husband for 6 years. We faced incredibly tough times and it got to me. I became depressed and wanted to lose weight because I thought "my weight is the only thing I can control." I started to follow a vegan diet. After a while, I didn't lose much weight, so I moved on to even more extreme measures of depravation. I started to eat very little, and because of it, I binge ate afterward. The circle continued until my health went downhill with an episode of sepsis' from a kidney infection. I almost died. This incident taught me so much: to not take my body or my life for granted


I decided to learn the truth — the connection between mind and body to become an optimal being. So I did it, and now, I have the tools and the power needed to get me anywhere in life. I want the same thing for others and this is why I became a coach.

It is time for us to learn the truth: to learn about our bodies with compassion and unconditional self-love so we can access our true inner power. I will be there with you the whole way!


Positive Mental Attitude and Success

Once we achieve our highest level of physical being, it is so much easier to spiritually connect and become even more successful in our lives.

If you think about it, you will see a clear pattern between confidence and success. When your self worth is addressed and identified, you have a clear sense of where you want to go and have the motivation to get there.

Imagine you physically feel like crap all day long. It's absolutely hard to be confident and make great choices. If your confidence level is low, I assure you that being positive is not in your equation.

A 'Positive Mental Attitude' (PMA) plays a big role in our success. Practicing a PMA allows us to open the shortest route to our highest self. To understand and manifest a positive mental attitude, we need to learn and adapt to 'success principals.' 

My personal experience speaks for itself. When I practice PMA, it not only bring success to my career, but also to my personal life.


I invite you to learn more about my "Optimal to Success" Program — a step by step blueprint to your very own success.

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