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I learned about Dinner Confidential through Veronica. I went to one of her dinners and absolutely in love with it. For the first time in my life, I feel seen and connected on such a deep level. I learned to listen actively, which is so important to me as a coach. I remember how fulfilled I was coming back from dinner. 

Seeing the impact this concept brings toward personal growth and spiritual development, I can't miss out on the opportunity to help it reach the world. Finally, I felt confident enough and decided that I want to become a host. My focus is to introduce this beautiful concept to my Vietnamese community and spread its positive vibe to people in my life.

In collaboration dinner confidential I will be hosting intimate monthly dinners for women and female-identifying folk to hold a safe space for conversation, connection + community.

This month dinner will be virtual due to Co-vid. When everything comes back to normal, I will be hosting virtually for my Vietnamese community and dinner at my place in Miami, Florida.


Dinner Confidential is a community that hosts themed monthly dinner conversations [with women*] around the world.

When really feel we belong, we gain the courage to make a positive change in our lives and our world.  We’ve created the perfect recipe to spark that sense of belonging.  


We invite women to come to the table, open up, and connect in the community. The dinner table is a symbol of inclusion, going back centuries of people gathering to connect through nourishing food and stories. Together, we cultivate a sacred sense of belonging as we share our stories and ourselves with honesty and raw vulnerability. From this place, we tap into the courage to do incredible things in life, like actually ask for what we want, fully experience our emotions, and receive deep love and support from others (sans guilt). 


Dinner Confidential is an experience that transforms us to our core and creates a deeply healing sense of reciprocity.  As women, when we see each other for who we truly are, we no longer need to compete and compare but rather, we choose to connect and support one another.


Bringing a group of women together in a safe space is truly love medicine. Why? Because the heart of a woman is the most powerful place to be.



In the age of a global pandemic, social upheaval, and uncertainty in all of our lives, pleasure can feel like a distant concept. Yet our relationship to pleasure is more important than ever before. As Adrienne Marie Brown says, "Feeling good is not frivolous.


It's freedom." Pleasure is enjoyment. Bliss. Peace. Eroticism. Yet when we feel fear, shame, anger, sadness, pleasure can feel out of reach - or maybe it feels downright wrong. Join us for a raw and honest conversation about pleasure - What were we taught?


Can we FEEL it or do we hold ourselves back? And what would it look like if we trusted our pleasure?

Join Dinner Confidential with me this month here:

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