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 True Body — Five Week Group Program

How to stop dieting and start getting into your true body.

Why will True Body work for you?

True Body will help you ditch the diet cycle that does not work for you. This way, you can make peace with the food on your table. Together, we will start the body healing process by intuitively listening to its needs.

This program is for you: if you feel stuck and that nothing has worked so far; if you love your food and hate working out, but still want to create a healthy foundation for your life; if you love teamwork and accountability!

Together we will:

  • Deconstruct and update your old beliefs and dogmas around a diet that has not worked for you.

  • Create a personalized health and wellness blueprint that works for you, so you can finally be at peace with the food on your table.

  • Body Healing from an intuition guided diet and habits.

  • Notice and interrupt unwanted old habits and behaviors by evaluating the relationship between you and your body.

  • Build a routine that benefits your desired stage of health that is easy and fun.

  • Kickstart your body’s healing process and spiritual growth.

Invest in this program to get:

  • Four 90- minutes group coaching sessions with me via Zoom.

    • Session 1: Orientation + Ditch the Diet industry, why and how?

    • Session 2: Reclaim your freedom in food choices by tapping into your intuition.

    • Session 3: Build your health and wellness blueprint (routine, meal prep, habits, rituals) that work for you.

    • Session 4: What’s next on your journey to reclaim freedom of choice in relation to your body, food, and health. 

  • Two Workshops:

    • Build your own diet and routine, introducing the role of intuition in building relationships with your body and your food choices.

    • Self-love MEDITATION workshop with Mio that kick-starts your journey to self-love and spiritual growth.

  • One private 45-minute coaching session with me to design your personal health and wellness blueprint.

  • Weekly action guide to keeping you on target and aware of your progress.

  • Unlimited support via group message or email during the program. I am here for you!

For an investment of $200, I officially invite you to join me on this amazing journey! 

Get on the waiting list now! 

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