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What is Intuition?
Have you ever walked into a room and have this unexplainable feeling in your gut? You either feel comfort – a familiar feeling that makes you feel safe – or a weird vibe that triggers your anxiety. 

These gut feelings are innate wisdom which is embedded in our bodies since the start of our existence. That is how I define intuition. What about you? How do you define yours?

My story

I was struggling for so long, trying to live a healthy life. I followed every exercise and followed all kinds of diet, hoping that they would make me "perfect." I wanted to have smaller thighs, smaller belly, smaller shoulders, and smaller everything!

I do not know since when being smaller or skinnier meant to me that I have more value. Probably since I started trusting the magazine's standard, trust what my neighbors think a girl should be. I trust everything and everyone except myself on how I should look, what I should feel, or who I should be if I want happiness. 

The chase for validations started at such an early age, and it has never really gone away. 

One day, I saw myself lying in a hospital bed with my family surrounding me, and I thought that I had died and went to heaven. I went through a rough time in my relationship and decided to be a vegan to feel smaller and more valuable. I ended up with malnutrition and got hit with a severe case of sepsis. I was almost dying.


I faced my death, and it made me look at the whole "healthy living" differently. I started to ask questions which led me to care more about how I feel, who I want to be, and what I represent.

I am committed to being more curious about myself, trust myself, and love myself more.


I started to listen to my body and my intuition. I gained access to my collective knowledge.


Connecting to my body and mind with a mindfulness practice has successfully delivered a healthier lifestyle and body for me. I learned that my value lies where my fulfillment is. 

I can create what I want for myself if I have the support I need and understand the Self.

This picture is me three years later, a lover of the higher-self. 

Experience this success. I have the desire for all women on this planet to learn about themselves. My mission is to rid the world of doubt and fear.



I am an Intuitive Optimal Health Coach. Learn more about me here.

If you have been struggling with endless dieting. If you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working, You are in the right place.

What if I tell you the opposite is true? What if you have not tried everything, and there is a way for you to love yourself and get what you want! There is a way for us all to stop fighting with the food on our table and start loving. 

Here are the ways you can start loving ourselves right now!

True Body  - Group Program

5 weeks group program designed to show you the way out of Dieting and get into your True Body. 

Learn more >

Intuitive Health & Wellness - Private Coaching program

6 months private transformational coaching program.

Hand in hand with me, healthy living will become simply the thing you do.

We will dive deeper into transformational work on the relationship with yourself and food. 

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