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Losing weight and gain energy simply by RELAXING

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Losing weight is simpler than you think!

Let's try a small experimental exercise. Hold your breath for as long as you can. Start now!

How are you feeling? Light headed? Uncomfortable pressure on your chest? What else? Tell me your symptoms. I bet you won't feel well.

Air is number one on the list of survival conditions for us humans, but yet we are often forgetting to consciously take a breath. Why is that? Why don’t we consciously breathe and what would this habit do to your weight or even your health?

Let take a step back and look at the beginning of mankind, when there were so many threats coming from our environment. These threats are physicals threats. Our defense mechanism works in a way that links to stress and it also effects our digestion. The sympathetic nervous system is also known as fight or flight. This is our stress response. When we are stressed out, our digestion will shut down. Put it this way: if a tiger was chasing you after lunch, you wouldn't be concerned about digesting your food. The sympathetic nervous system will act to shut down digestion, direct blood flow away from the belly and out toward your arms and legs for fast acting and to your brain for fast thinking. This is amazing for our survival.

That is back then. We won't be chased by a wild tiger nowadays but we still will be chased by different kinds of threats and we do encounter stress. On a physiological level, your body doesn't distinguish between a tiger chasing your and your kid being fussy, your work getting frustrating or getting tense in a traffic jam. One is life threatening; the other is not. But, your body response to both are the same. They both trigger the body to shut off digestion and store fat as backup energy. This decreases our metabolic power.

We move too fast because of our stress response system, going through our day often mindlessly with endless low levels of stress. We forget to stop and take a breath, to eat and to take care of ourselves. Think of that moment when there is no air coming through your body and that is how your body feels all day long battling stress. So... how to unwind? How to help our body understand and stop thinking that we are always in danger?

The good news is it takes less than two minutes to de-stress our body and turn on our metabolic state. If you are willing to try a breathing exercise call 5-5-7, feel free to email me for instruction. This is a shortcut to turn off stress and activate a psychological relaxation response. Conscious breathing not only provides a relaxing vibe but also gives our body the oxygen that it needs to stay healthy and powerful!

Once our digestion process is running smoothly without disruption of stress, our metabolic power is on the max, our body will stop storing fat and you will experience a healthy body with a healthy weight.

Are you ready to RELAX?



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