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Why Reset Cleanse?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Many of us use cleanses to improve our health. With so many types and programs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and in some cases, could lead our health to decline! That’s why it’s important to first understand which cleanse works best for our body and how to do it properly.

Cleansing is like pressing a reset button. It gives our system a chance to clean out all of the toxic waste and gain back it's power of efficiency.

When is right to start a cleanse?

Imagine your body as a temple. If you were its caretaker, how often would you clean it? Once in a while? Cleanses clean and declutter, creating space for new and amazing things that come your way. Now, imagine if you never cleaned your temple. How do you think it would look? Would it even look like a temple anymore?

Our environment – from water to air to the foods that we eat – pollutes us each day.

If you feel some of these symptoms, or even one of them, chances are it’s time for a cleanse!

• Bloated after eating • Gain weight easily, especially at your belly area • Have extra pounds that won’t come off, even with diet and exercise • More than occasional headaches • Frequently belch, feel gassy or gurgling in your belly • Feel lethargic during the day • Crave sugar or starchy foods • Experience mood swings or anxiety • Difficulty focusing or experience foggy brain • Have allergies or Hay Fever? • Experience pain, muscle achiness, or stiffness in your joints • Addicted to foods that you know aren’t good for you, and you can’t stop • Feel anxious, upset, nervous, or downright cranky

How to choose your cleanse?

Each person has a unique body with different needs. To select the best cleanse for yourself, you need to ask the ‘Why’ question and the ‘What’ questions. Why do you want to cleanse? To lose weight, to feel better? To look better? All of the above? Answering these questions is essential to identifying the cleanse that’s best for you. If you are a beginner, try cleansing with curiosity instead of being overly ambitious by putting your goal too high. Your first cleanse is your opportunity to learn about your body; don't miss this chance to tune in with your intuition.

There are variety of cleanses, but bottom-line, all cleanses deal with your gut and help you have a cleaner, more effective digestive system. Some cleanses are diet based suggesting what to eat, some are fasting base where you can drink only lemon water. There are cleanses for your body and also cleanses for your mind. So many options!

While evaluating, keep in mind that this is a long-term process and you don't have to immediately figure out what cleanse is perfect for you. Think you’re ready for a cleanse? Let’s find out how!

How to cleanse?

The 1st step is to define your goal.This is the key factor that will result in a successful cleanse because it will keep you motivated through challenging moments – and they happen a lot throughout the process!

The 2nd step is to find your support or accountability. Sharing with your friends and family about your cleanse and goals will help set you up for success. This support is important to keep you on track. Even better is to have a friend or family member do the cleanse alongside you! You both can keep each other honest and accommodate each other during the tough moments.

The 3rd step is to setup your schedule for success. Decide WHEN you will begin and complete you cleanse. Put it in your calendar. This cleanse can be done during “normal” work life, but consider giving yourself permission to be more spacious, to slow down and relax into your body’s healing process. It is natural to feel tired for the first few days as your system recalibrate. It’s important to rest when your body is calling for rest. You will also want to block time in your schedule for shopping and prepping foods ahead of time so you don’t become urgently hungry and tempted to veer off the cleanse for a “hangry” (hungry-angry) fix. Cleansing is a high level of self-care. Making your cleanse a priority means putting yourself first – and trust me, you deserve this.

The 4th step is setting up your home. Setting Up Your Home means getting rid of any “toxic temptations” such as breads, anything with sugar, chips, sodas… any items that you might be tempted to binge on or eat out of convenience. Create space to stretch and exercise, space for food prep, buy flowers or anything that makes your feel special and nourished!

The 5th step is the cleanse itself! During the cleanse, you will experience a lot of change and receive many signals from your body. This is totally normal because you are doing something out of the ordinary. Take a deep, slow breath and let yourself fully experience the cleanse.

What to do if you feel like caving into your tempting old habits? Remind yourself of your “Why” and tap into your support system of friends and family. Every time you feel a food craving, ask yourself if you are really craving food or are you craving nourishment from your soul and mind? While most cleanses are food related, cleansing your mental health is also recommended for an excellent cleanse. Do more relaxation activities. Stress reduction will help your body return to balance and of course enhance your health! Breathing, getting a massage, taking a hot bath, meditation, yoga, stretching, exfoliating your skin, etc. are great for stress relief and magnify the cleanse’s result.

The 6th step is getting out of cleanse. Easing out of is an important step. Your body goes through a unique experience during the cleanse, so if you abruptly stop and return to your normal diet, you risk shocking your system. In many cases, it will make you feel really sick. So, how do you ease out of a cleanse? After the cleanse’s completion, give yourself five to six days to slowly reintroduce food back into your diet, one thing at the time. Each day you can reintroduce one type of food. This step is my favorite because I get to see and feel so clearly which foods are bad for my body so I can practice eliminating them out of my daily diet.

Are you ready to experience a cleanse and bring more power to your body and your health? Feel free to share your own cleanse experiences and ask any question about cleanse. I am more than happy to help!

Special news: I am in the process of preparing a "Done For You" cleanse program. Inbox me your email I’ll invite you to my cleanse program. Happy cleansing to you all!

Love, Sage

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