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My Word for 2021 and Reset Ritual for a New Beginning

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Time flying by is natural. As painful and challenging year 2020 was, it still passed us. I felt my eyes glancing at 2020 exited, just to make sure that it didn't drop another "stink bomb" on its way out.

As the holiday season took over, I smelled the anxiety in the air. Worries floating, breath-holding not only because of Covid, but also over deciding what to cook for Thanksgiving? What will my New Year dinner look like? And so on.

That said, holidays season is my favorite time of year for two reasons:

1) I can eat whatever I want because everyone is eating! Nothing is more abundant than food during the holiday season

2) My Reset Ritual.

I developed my Reset Ritual upon joining Las Comadres, a beautiful women entrepreneur community. Besides my family, my fellow Las Comadres was my lifeline during the Pandemic. With unlimited support from Las Comadres, not only did I survive 2020 — but even thrived to some extent. Back to the Reset Ritual.

January 2020, I and fifteen other women gathered in Jamie's cozy space. She is one of the founders of Las Comadres. I remembered the energy floating in the room — we were all hopeful and excited for the new year to come. Our collective ritual began with each and every member burning-off their vision board of the year before. We whispered away what we wanted to let go into the flame. The warm and glorious light emanating out of that flame is the defining moment that kept me going during 2020.

For the year of 2021, only in my dreams could I have had a similar gathering with my community. Even so, I decided that I will do the same thing in the spirit of my sisterhood.

The simplest way of starting out a "Reset Ritual" is breathing. Before starting, make sure you prepare a couple of things.

Find a quiet place without any disruption. Drink a glass of water. Make sure that you are in a relaxing state. Grab your notebook and a pen and prepare to jot down some thoughts. Light a candle of your choice, or even some incense, and dim down the light in your space. Now, take a couple of deep breaths. If you have a hard time focusing, click here for a guided breathing exercise.

After a couple of breaths, start asking and answering the below questions. Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers, only your answer. Allow yourself to naturally absorb and reflect.

  • Over the past year, what were my biggest achievements and celebrations?

  • What do I want to feel in this new year, 2021?

  • What are three big things that I want in 2021?

  • What needs to be true in order for me to have what I want?

  • How do I know or what will let me know that I have what I want?

The last step is to choose your word for this year. Mine is "boundaries". I have come to realize that boundaries hold immense power to my identity.

Have you ever have an overwhelming sense of loss? I do.

Sometimes I do not know who I am and what's really for me. Through a long period of learning and growing, I can see that lack of boundaries has stripped away my self-confidence, even my sense of purpose. To me, practicing boundaries means that I can unapologetically advocate for what I believe in and fight for what I value in life.

As a woman in this social setting, I need to remind myself that I am loved. I am worthy. My birthrights are intact no matter what. To do that, practicing boundaries is my best bet.

I will keep sharing my learning about boundaries this year. Join Booming Circle to stay informed on my sharing about intuitive health and wellness tips.

I hope you enjoy the Reset Ritual for a new beginning.

Let me know your word for the year 2021. I would love to hear from you in the comment section!


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